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The Gauteraux & Co. Lifestyle

Today when a client has an interest in having something built by Gauteraux & Co., they are invited to the company's headquarters and unique studio, nestled in the storied mountain town of Wallace, Idaho for an exclusive experience. 


Meet The Company







Meet The Company






the Artists of Gauteraux & Co.



Ryder Gauteraux

Outlaw Of The Fashion World

Gauteraux & Co's lead designer and artist has a long history of exceptional leather work and a reputation for excellence; and both keep Ryder Gauteraux positioned as the go to guy for a discerning clientele seeking a one of a kind pair of boots, industry sought after golf shoes, or any number of remarkable custom projects.  Ryder Gauteraux remains the reason the company is known for exquisite and daring work that defies common without disregarding tradition.

"What I do is not for everyone..."  -Ryder Gauteraux



Bead Artist

When a client envisions bead work as a part of their custom design Gauteraux & Co's Jade-Ann Robinson brings even the most individual ideas to an elegant life.  A movie star mother who was also a world-champion rodeo cowgirl exposed Jade-Ann early to the mix of glamour and true grit so characteristic of Gauteraux and Co., and she continued to develop her ability and style through the years.  Latin, Native American, and Western Influence reflect in her technique.

"Being a part of Gauteraux & Co. means being the best today, and understanding that the requirement for always to be better."  -Jade-Ann Robinson

Tracey Gauteraux

Tattoo Artist

Gauteraux and Co. clients choose to express themselves in their own individual ways... and Tracey Gauteraux helps them do this with her in demand tattoo work.  Throughout her own life Tracey has cultivated self expression through her art and now Tracey's tattoo work can be found on the boots and belts and custom projects her husband is famous for, as well as on the skate and surfboards of some of the best athletes in the industries.  Tracey's background-including barrel racing and long board skating, make the Gauteraux & Co. Lifestyle an easy home for her.  

"A lot of what leaves Gauteraux and Co. Studios, are pieces that help people do what they love to do, be who they want to be, and pursue their passions. I like that our clients leave with a part of me that comes from my passion for my art-but can help them excel at what they do."   -Tracey Gauteraux

kasey stevens


An internship at Gauteraux & Co. her senior year of high school to earn credits wasn't a position easily earned for Kasey Stevens.  But a background in line with the Gauteraux & Co. lifestyle along with a natural ability for leather work got her in the door.  Recognition from Ryder and Tracey that she possessed the talent, drive, and flare for the rare necessary for a career with Gauteraux & Co. moved Kasey forward to an apprenticeship.

"I wanted an opportunity to be the best, and to surround myself with people who held this standard-and that's what I've found in my ongoing adventure at Gauteraux and Co!"  -Kasey Stevens


"Being the best, takes doing things different...

And doing them extraordinary."

                                                           - Ryder Gauteraux